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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will a website cost me? [+]
    There are too many variables involved in a website design to give any flat rates. We have developed a Free Quote Form to help narrow down what your new website will need. From there, we can work towards an official quote and contract.
  2. Do I need to buy a domain name and web hosting? [+]
    This is totally up to you. If you have or want your own separate hosting account all we need is the login info to get our files on your server. If you don't want the hassle, you can let us do everything for you with our own web hosting account.
  3. Will my site be on Google, Yahoo & Bing? [+]
    Yes, we will make sure your site is indexed by Google, Yahoo & Bing, though there is no way to guarantee your organic search ranking. We use clean and healthy SEO techniques to improve ranking, and we can talk about getting setup with a Google Adwords (pay-per-click) ad campaign if that is a route you'd like to take.
  4. Can I make my own changes to my site after it's complete? [+]
    This feature utilizes a CMS (Content Management System). It must be implemented during the build process in order to function. It can be added later, but it will add more time and cost to the project. Basic text/image editing can be added for a one-time fee, but larger scale implimention may require a small monthly rate to use a more powerful system.

    If you only need to make simple News updates or something similar, we can talk about the different Blog options. This way you can make updates via a 3rd party blogging platform and have the posts immediately show up on your website.
  5. What if I want changes make somewhere down the line? [+]
    There are 2 options here. You can pay hourly for the changes that need to be made, or we can setup a monthly/yearly maintenance plan that will allow for minor changes, updates and backend maintenance.
  6. Do we need to meet in person? [+]
    Depending on your location and your needs we can certainly meet in person, if needed. The majority of our work is done online via email, with a few phone conversations mixed in.
  7. Can you do anything and everything? [+]
    JiveDig Design is very open about what we do and what we don't do.

    We enjoy the challenge of learning new things, but we won't pretend to know something we don't. We specialize in small-medium sized business, personal and group websites. We don't get into heavy database type web design.

    We have lots of resources and people we can go to if something is needed that is not in our skill set, whether it's intense graphic design, photography, or heavy custom scripting.
  8. What if I hate my design? [+]
    Every web designer has a 'style'. Though we work on different looking and functioning designs, we still have our own tendencies. Make sure you look at our portfolio to see the types of sites JiveDig Design has done in the past. Make sure you like our consistency. Let's have a conversation and see it our ideas connect.

    That being said, in the early stages of the design we try to talk as openly as possible about the look and feel you are going for. This way we can choose a theme and style as a foundation for the rest of the build. The design will not move into the 'build' stage until the theme/template has been okayed by you.

    After the theme is chosen, you cannot change your mind down the line without an extra fee. Think of it as choosing the type of wood you want for your new kitchen cabinets. Once the carpenter begins to make the cabinets with the type of wood originally chosen, it's too late to go back.

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